Cargo Customs Clearance

Cargo Customs Clearance

Team Cargo MD ltd. offers to its customers all kinds of customs services with the launch customer of the customs authorities. We always strive to offer our customers optimal transport solutions. For many people and businesses that import or export regularly, Customs clearance of consignments tedious matter. Since the preparations of documents and verification of customs duties is not always within the reach of people who do not know the material, often pay much more than if you use services to the shipping company Team Cargo MD ltd.!

When importing goods apply certain rules on customs clearance of goods in accordance with the commercial policy of the country. Team Cargo MD ltd. will perform for you all the necessary procedures for customs clearance of goods, and will provide complete customs representation in international transport of goods. Submission of customs declaration is often associated with many mistakes, wasted time and frustration on the part of people who are not familiar with the matter, so we offer professional service from a proven leader in the industry.

Customs clearance of consignments and
customs services discharge, removal and storage



When importing goods you need certain documents to prepare, depending on the commodity. Consult with us!

Often Imported Goods

For Often imported goods in some cases can only be applied waybills. Contact us and see if your case is not such!

Presentation To Customs

Need presentation to customs? – You’re in the right place.


For exports of goods you need certain documents to prepare, depending on the commodity. Consult with us!

Prohibited Import Goods

These are goods which are not accepted for import, banned due for submission to the Republic of Bulgaria or because of the high risk of injury or other special requirements.

Collateral in transit

Team Cargo MD ltd. offers to its clients collateral regime “Transit”.

Cargo Customs Clearance Worldwide!

Cargo Customs Clearance worldwide!

Сухопътен транспорт внос






TEAM CARGO MD ltd. has agents in every major port and industrial area of ​​the world, which allows us to respond most appropriately and flexibly to our customers’ requirements. High quality and efficiency in all modes of transport – road transport, sea transport, air transport, or combined transport, based on long-term contractual relationships with reliable carriers. Our service does not end with the arrival of the consignment at the port. On the contrary, we provide all additional services – from standard documents to marine insurance and delivery to the door. If your shipment needs road transport, you can trust the professionalism of our team and are confident in the success of your project!

Request Cargo Customs Clearance

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